Understanding your customers’ needs is challenging. We get it.
So we make it a little easier.

Once you really listen, that knowledge transforms the value you can bring to your customers.

We are your ears. We listen and we learn what matters most to your customers through in-depth, informal customer research—live and virtual—to understand their needs and wants and guide marketing and product strategy framed by this understanding.

Project Details

Customer research (1:1, online bulletin boards, small-group discussions), Business cases, Case studies, Videos to showcase customer stories, Social media sharing of customer stories digitally and via video

We worked with our client to identify, recruit, and interview district leaders from across the country to understand how they were handling the challenges of implementing the Common Core State Standards. We created customer case studies telling their unique implementation stories and then took that content and created a quick and easy tool for customers to use in finding answers to their Common Core challenges based on the shared expertise of others facing the same challenges